Fresh Herbs

Curly leaf Parsley

I tend to go crazy over certain herbs every year and last year, my favorites were parsley, cilantro, and rosemary. With Spring in full swing and farmers markets emerging everywhere in the city, I decided to take a trip down to the farmers market in DC- Eastern Market to purchase some fresh herbs. I ended up buying 3 herb plants (I hope they thrive) cos my pruning skills would definitely be put to test. I decided to buy plants rather than just the herbs because unfortunately, herbs have a short life span after being pruned and lacks the desired freshness even when refrigerated. It’s extremely frustrating when I have to dispose them when I’ve barely gotten any use out of them. If I had my way, I would ultimately use only fresh herbs to cook and not dry ones. Fresh herbs can take your dish from good to bomb shelling great! The reason being- the flavor produced by the fresh herbs are more intense than dry herbs plus, your dish is able to absorb the intensity of the flavor and aroma.

Flat leaf Parsley

The herbs I ended up going home with were-

  • Thyme– because I can’t cook without it
  • Parsley– because it pairs well with a lot of dishes
  • Chocolate Mint– because mint is the easiest herb to maintain and also because you don’t come across this often (be sure to check back to see how I use this herb).
Chocolate Mint (smells just like chocolate)

I encourage you to use fresh herbs for your next dish and leave a comment if you taste a difference in your dish or not.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Herbs

  1. I can definitely testify to Lola’s recommendation to try parsley and thyme to bake chicken. Herbs definitely make a difference because my chicken went from flat to Fresh flavor explosion 💥 💥💥. Definitely thankful for that introduction. Herbs for everything , it takes your dishes to a different level and your taste buds on a joyous journey.

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