Mint Chocolate Black Tea

I decided to try out the chocolate mint herb I purchased from the Eastern Market with some full bodied black loose leaf tea and milk chocolate truffles- a suggestion the saleswoman gave me and I must say they pair well. The richness of the tea coupled with the aroma from the mint leaves awakened my senses and made me really eager to want to taste the deliciousness.

Since mint has a very strong flavor, it is the first thing you taste soon as the tea touches your tongue while the chocolatey goodness is more of an after taste that lingers on your tongue long after the first sip.


2 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Black Tea

    1. Since its loose leaf, I added about a teaspoon of black tea and some chocolate mint leaves in a tea strainer. Then added some hot boiling water (about 1.5 cup), let it sit for 3-5 minutes. If you like your tea full bodied, then let it sit a little longer. Strain the tea in a cup. Voila!

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