What’s the Catch? Caj-sian Seafood

I was extremely skeptical about trying another Seafood Cajun restaurant after my not so very pleasant experience at another big chain seafood restaurant (not naming names) left me utterly disappointed. But being the kind of foodie that I am, I was so desperate to find a seafood restaurant that was “out of this world” and one that would erase that previous unpleasant experience. BeClaws did just that.

BeClaws is considered “Caj-sian” fusion (that is Cajun with Asian twist) located in the stylish city of Silver Spring Maryland. This place is impossible to miss because the name is boldly written on the building. Since it’s located in the semi-suburban part of Silver Spring (unlike the bustling metropolitan city of DC), one would assume that there would be ample parking but surprisingly that wasn’t accurate. I would begin by saying avoid parking in front of the Chinese restaurant right next to BeClaws. Due to the limited amount of parking spots in front of the building, I parked in front of the Chinese restaurant and came to regret it when an angry Asian man warned me against parking in front of his restaurant if I was not dining with them – he was jealous if I do say so. Luckily I found a parking lot on Price Ave about a block south of BeClaws.

Upon walking in to this restaurant, the décor was giving me real Louisiana vibe. The very first thing you notice when you walk in is this huge mural chalkboard wall with various Louisiana inspired art right next to the bar. You get to the dining area and then you see another beautiful wall decorated with window panels of different colors which made me feel like I was walking on Bourbon Street with soft jazz music playing on the background.

Mural Chalkboard Wall
Wall with window panels

I got seated immediately and a waiter came up to explain how things worked. She directed me to a little button on the napkin dispenser that pretty much alerts my waiter if I needed anything (this was new to me but I found it really cool). I placed my order and the waiter returned a minute after with some essentials such as bib, gloves, crab cracker, and a bucket). Glad I was provided with these essential tools because it was about to get really messy!!!!

Got my bib on. You can tell I was ready

I would say the time between when I put in my order and when the food arrived was average. Literally every item I ordered was delicious and made my taste buds dance but what made this meal “out of this world” for me was whatever secret ingredient they put in the sauce. The mixed sauce is a combination of three flavors—Caj-sian, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic herb (why get one when you can have all three). My connoisseur senses was picking some creamy-ness from the sauce so I think they added some type of cream or heavy cream as flavor and for thickness. The sauce was the next best thing since slice bread and you know I had to ask if the sauce was for sale. Fortunately it was available for purchase and I ended up with two bowls filled with some Cajun-garlicy goodness!

Crawfish Mac n Cheese
Some slight work was needed for this bad boys
Red Wine Sangria
The bar area


  • Avoid parking in front of the Chinese restaurant.
  • The mixed sauce is a must-try for the seafood or catch (as they call it) of your choice.


Restaurant– BeClaws click here

Must try- Mixed Sauce

Food Quality-  



Wait time-        

Price-               $$


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