La Farine- Dubai

My French may be rusty but my 6 years of French classes were put to test here. La Farine is French for flour but don’t let the name fool you; this place has more to offer than just baked goods. After a long day gallivanting the streets of the largest gold souks in Dubai, I needed a well-deserved dinner. I knew I wanted to stay as close as possible to my hotel since I was extremely exhausted from the day’s “work”. I stayed at the ultra-beautiful JW Marriott Marqui Hotel downtown Dubai- Fun fact: JW Marriott Marqui Hotel Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel standing at 1,165 feet with 77 floors.

JW Marriott Marquis

Back to La Farine – it was about 10pm and La Farine was one of the few restaurants still open at that time and honestly, that was the only reason I considered dining there. To my outmost surprise, this was a super fine dining restaurant that offered an array of dinner selections from lamb to ribs to mussels and many more. I was indeed misled to thinking that this was just a café and bakery. Lesson learned – never judge a restaurant by its name.

The first thing you observe when you walk in to the foyer area is this huge cake display. Then once you finally find your way into the main dining area, you’ll observe another display of desserts and sweets. The ambiance was very picturesque. It was furnished tastefully, the lighting and music set the mood for the perfect romantic evening. Oui Oui!!


Dining room

Shortly after I got seated, the waiter brought some bread with butter and some garlicy pesto spread to go with it. I must say that was a delicious touch. I had ordered smoked salmon for starter, Côtelettes D’agneau (lamb chops), and Côtes des Beouf Braisées (braised short ribs). The short ribs was glazed in honey, tender and very flavorful. The lamb chops was also cooked to perfection!

Lamb chops
Short ribs with potaotes and caramelized carrots
Freshly pressed green apple juice
Smoked Salmon
Spot the pesto spread?

I rushed through the main course not only because I was starving but also because I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on those desserts I saw as I walked in. I ordered the Russian honey cake and chocolate mousse cake and I wasn’t disappointed.

Russian honey cake
Chocolate mousse cake

Recommendation – Everything!


Overall Food Quality-  



Wait time-                      

Price-                            $$$$

Enjoy 🙂

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