Looking for a quick Indian food to go? Look no further!!! Indigo “Indian food on the go” as the name connotes is a super casual, family operated Indian restaurant- literally the owners live on the second floor of the restaurant.

On a random summer evening on my drive home from work, I noticed a crowd gathered in front of this place which immediately caught my attention. I knew it was worth checking out.

As I walked into Inigo, it felt like I was walking into someone’s living room. My initial reaction was shocking but soon after, I came to a realization that maybe that what was the vibe they were going for. This place felt like they put zero to none effort in its looks. The menu was displayed on a huge chalkboard wall and it featured quiet a number of selection. Right in front of the wall were mason jars filled with herbs and spices.

I went for the curry lamb per usually (I love any form of curry). It tasted good for what it was and the price of course. It just wasn’t quite what I would have expected. Typically the dingy looking spots ends up being the best authentic spots but I couldn’t say that for this place- I’ve definitely had better. I also got a side of garlic naan and when the naan came out, all I saw was this green flat looking bread staring at me. It definitely didn’t looked like garlic naan nor tasted like garlic naan I’m used to (or maybe I’ve been having the adulterated “American” naan).

Spot the garlic naan?

Outdoor bar and seating


Overall Food Quality-  



Wait time-                      

Price-                            $


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