This is meant to be a quick review of Sfoglina because each time I went there was never planned to be reviewed on the blog. I stumbled on this restaurant when my boss wanted to treat the team to lunch and had asked me to plan it. The restaurant options around are so limited. So I had picked a different Italian restaurant I felt comfortable with because I had been there numerous times. Of course “bossman” pulled a spin at the 11th hour and requested we went to Sfoglina instead (still Italian) just because it was located closer to where his next meeting for the day was. May I say- that was the best spin ever because I would no way have known an amazing restaurant in the Cleveland Park area of DC existed.

My second experience there was when I treated myself to a nice lunch because my da was crap. Yes, that Polenta Short Ribs and Mango Gelato cheered me up!


Polenta SHort Ribs
Mango Gelato

I loved everything I had with the exception of the Gnocchi. It felt like I stuffed my mouth with a handful of salt. It might have been from the parmesan but a chef should know how to incorporate and balance a salty ingredient without it overpowering the meal. I would however recommend the short ribs…. It was perfection!!!!

Gnocchi w/Mushrooms
Icelandic Cod in Tomato Broth

The design at Sfoglina is absolutely perfect for a romantic evening maybe slightly cheesy but you can see why.

Drop me a comment to tell me about your experience if you ever go there.


Overall Food Quality-  



Wait time-                      

Price-                            $$$


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