Welcome to my blog Brussel Sprout! My name is Lola and I love good food and crispy brussels sprouts (who likes them soggy anyways). I work as a consultant in the risk management space but can also throw-down in the kitchen. I fell in love with the Washington D.C. metro area when I moved from my home country 10 years ago to attend college at the Mecca- HU!! With the level of diversity, culture and people the city offered, I knew this city would be my home away from home. Coming from a family that owns a catering business, it was no surprise that food and cooking was my passion no matter how much I try to down play it. The constant desire to arouse my taste palette while exploring new cuisines led into documenting my experiences.

Thank you for popping in and please stay as long as you need!

I look forward to your comments and I hope I motivate you to explore new cuisines.