Spinach & Shrimp Ravioli

I have environmental food cravings- this simply means that I crave certain foods as a result of various environmental triggers such as smelling, seeing, or talking about an enticing food. I had visited a friend over the Labor Day break and somehow, ravioli came up. The very next day I was in my local Whole Foods Market picking up all the ingredients I needed to make my first ravioli. Read more

La Farine- Dubai

My French may be rusty but my 6 years of French classes were put to test here. La Farine is French for flour but don’t let the name fool you; this place has more to offer than just baked goods. After a long day gallivanting the streets of the largest gold souks in Dubai, I needed a well-deserved dinner. I knew I wanted to stay as close as possible to my hotel since I was extremely exhausted from the day’s “work”. I stayed at the ultra-beautiful JW Marriott Marqui Hotel downtown Dubai- Fun fact: JW Marriott Marqui Hotel Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel standing at 1,165 feet with 77 floors. Read more


Graffiato is a quaint Italian restaurant recommended to me by a dear friend who knows how deep my love brussels sprouts goes and from her praise, I knew I had to try it for myself. Unfortunately when I arrived, brussels sprouts were no longer an option on their menu ☹  and after much inquiry I was told that brussels sprouts were out of season. I would have thought that vegetables flourish during springtime– boy I was wrong. Read more

What’s the Catch? Caj-sian Seafood

I was extremely skeptical about trying another Seafood Cajun restaurant after my not so very pleasant experience at another big chain seafood restaurant (not naming names) left me utterly disappointed. But being the kind of foodie that I am, I was so desperate to find a seafood restaurant that was “out of this world” and one that would erase that previous unpleasant experience. BeClaws did just that. Read more